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Towing Four Wheeler 8,000-14,400 kg.

Rated drawbar pull 1960/200 (N/kgf)

High power easily tows large quantities of cargo with Turret-style steering.

รถลากจูงพาเลท 4 ล้อ สามารถลากจูงสินค้า



  • The power to tow heavy loads
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Operator-friendly operation system
  • Adopts the FET chopper method superior in efficiency and reliability to the travelling control
  • Exerts a smooth electric brake by changing the forward/backward lever during travelling
  • Adopts rear-wheel drive with a four-wheel type exerting stable travelling and sufficient traction
  • Designed for the benefit of operators based on human eggineering including a comfortable (easygoing) driver's seat