NST12EAS シリーズ

Electric Stacker 1200 kg.

The new NST12EAS incorporates both ergonomic functions, and safety features deliver a balanced proposition that allows the operator to perform extended shift duties without imposing extreme physical stress on them.

Lifts up to a maximum stacking height of 4.5 meters and ample forward forks visibility angle, the operator car view better on the ground and perform an elevated load stacking tasks with a much better precision handling experience.

Its curvy tiller arm chassis are also studiously built to favour agile maneuverability. Regardless of handling loads in a space constraint environment or various load type, the NST12EAS adjustable straddles bring greater advantage to adapt, adjusts and allocate the right configuration to handle the load that weight up to 1.2T

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  • 24/7 Secured
  • Versatile Load Handling
  • Quick Battery Access
  • High Performance AC drive system
  • Vivid Digital Display & Controls
  • Easy Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Safe Operation


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