RFTL Series

Rack Fork Trucks Capacity 1,000-1,500 Kg.

The total solution for higher, larger, more efficient use of space. The Rack Fork Series handles loads from three direction by means of shift-and-rotate operation or with conventional forward loading and unloading. No turning of truck is required. Compared to reach trucks, Rack Fork Series accommodates significantly narrower aisles only 1,480 mm wide. Offer a maximum lift height of 7.5 meters.


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  • Offers Three-directional Loading
  • Accommodates Aisles Only 1480 mm Wide can effectively use of workspace, greatly increase of storage capacity

Advanced Electric Turret Head

  • Increased stability
  • Energy saving

More Comfortable Operation

  • A display that’s easier to view outdoors
  • The Eco switch contributes to increased energy-efficiency.
  • Operation characteristics customizing system
  • Low floor height
  • New pedal incorporating a presence switch
  • Operation Interlock System (OIS)
  • Passcode entry (optional)

Safer, More Secure Operation

  • Automatic lifting stop function for secure loading (optional)
  • A variety of operator-centered safety devices


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