RB Series

Order Picker Capacity 700-1,500 Kg.

Work efficiency and we’ve introduced several new functions that satisfy customer needs. Greatly extended operating cycle, extended picking range, smoother, more powerful operation, prevention of unintentional pallet loss and enhanced safety. With a long wheelbase offering outstanding stability. 


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Nichiyu has adopted advanced AC motors for travel and material handling. What’s more, we’ve ensured quiet operating by eliminating the sound of control chopper. In addition, contact with motor brushes has been eliminated, significantly reducing maintenance costs.


  • Greatly extended operating cycle
  • Extended picking range
  • Smoother, more powerful operation
  • Prevention of unintentional pallet loss
  • Enhanced safety

Assured Safety and Enhanced Protection

  • Extensive Interlock Functions
  • Safety Cruise with Anti-roll back Function
  • Smooth Assured Braking System
  • Auto Speed Control
  • Auto power off
  • Emergency Lowering Device
  • Lift Limit & Temporary Lift Stop Functions

Innovative functions that contribute to enhanced safety

  • Digital load indicator
  • Real-type safety belt
  • Auto pallet lock
  • Auto pre-stop

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